Optics Review: Does This Eyelid Lifter Really Work?

Women and men who have smaller, tired eyes may want to do something about making them look bigger and more awake but don’t want to go through surgery. The good news is there is a non-surgical solution. Optics reviews show you just how easy it is to address this problem!

What is Optics?

Optics is corrective eyelid tape that helps to open up and revive eyes. This clear, adhesive tape lifts skin surrounding the eyelid. This can be used for problems like hooded eyes as well as sagging eyelids called ptosis, according to Optics reviews.

These beauty issues can make you look older and tired. Resolving them with Optics Corrective Stripes gives you a more youthful appearance without invasive procedures like surgery or other long-term solutions like daily creams, which are unlikely to work as you wish.

One of the best parts about Optics is it is hypoallergenic so anyone can use these eyelid tapes, even those who are allergic to other items like latex. Highly allergic people said in Optics reviews they can use these strips without any reaction.

How does Optics work?

Optics works because the adhesive strip lifts sagging skin and the eyelid. The small eyelid tapes are easy to use by placing them over the eyelid folds. The adhesive on Optics Corrective Strips pulls up your lid along with sagging skin, causing your eye to look wider, more awake, and younger.

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Does Optics really work?

Optics reviews indicate the eyelid tapes work well but you do need to get the correct size for your eyes for best results.

Larger sizes in the Optics eyelid lifter will be needed for those with more excess skin over the eye, but the shape of your eye can also help determine the right size.

Two choices exist to find the right size. Those wanting to order can read descriptions of the eyelid lifter to pick the right fit and lift. However, a better solution would be to try out the company’s Discovery Kit. That way you can experiment with all types of options to find the right eyelid tape size for you.

The Discovery Kit is a great way to get started, according to Optics reviews.

“After trying the different sizes in the sample pack, I purchased the perfect size for my eyes,” one customer said, adding the change in her eye appearance was amazing.

It is important to pick the right eyelid tape size in your Optics eyelid lifter because the wrong size can be uncomfortable and you will feel them, according to Optics reviews. You shouldn’t notice them at all after you apply them and most Optics reviews state they are unnoticeable.

“They actually stay on for over 2 days if you apply to clean skin and you can’t even feel them!” said one customer.

Those who try Optics love it and continue to use it. These are the people who happily contribute to Optics reviews.

“I thought eyelid surgery was looming in my future,” said Aimee Merill in her Optics review, “but these are comfortable and my eyes look so natural.

Another customer, Carina Torres, said Optics was a good choice for her because she is allergic to adhesives and latex. She said Optics made her look 20 years younger too.

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Is it easy to use Optics?

According to Optics reviews, this eyelid lifter is as easy to use as the website claims. All you have to do is put the strip where your eyelid creases, in the fold. That’s it.

Placement when you first start using the eyelid tape can be tricky for some, according to some Optics reviews. It may take a little practice to become a pro. This is why Optics has Eyelid Prep Pads so beginners can try placement three times without any problems on your skin.

Those who can’t get the right placement the first time can remove and reposition the strip. Save the daily strips by using one strip over and over in practice until you find the perfect area for placement. These aren’t suitable to use all day because they aren’t sticky or transparent after so much handling, but they make for great practice strips.

Most said in Optics reviews that it doesn’t take much practice to get it right. It is recommended that you remove the practice strip once you find the right placement and put on a fresh strip for the day.

The website also has video tutorials along with videos on YouTube that show proper placement. Those with placement issues said in Optics reviews the videos were a great help.

Who is Optics good for?

Optics is good for anyone who wants a younger look or less droopy or hooded eyes. These eyelid lifters can be used by both men and women and by anyone of any age. According to Optics reviews, older people love them because these eyelid corrective strips are an easy and inexpensive way to add some youth to their faces without surgery.

Optics benefits

Benefits are plentiful for those who use Optics. Some of those include:

  • Automatically improves appearance
  • Gives a more youthful look to the face
  • Improvement in vision
  • These can be worn all day
  • They are practically invisible so no one will know you’re wearing them.
  • They are comfortable to wear.

Those with Optics can wear them with makeup too. The strips should be put on bare, clean skin without any moisturizers. The Eyelid Prep Pads work well to prep the skin for the adhesive strips.

These corrective strips can be worn with contact lenses because they are made with non-irritating materials. The adhesive strip will not live any residue on your skin. It pulls away completely leaving a clean skin surface.

What makes Optics different?

Optics is different from other eyelid tapes because of its quality, its ease of use, and its hypoallergenic materials. Optics Eyelid Correcting Strips are made from high-quality materials so they will last in all-day wear.

Materials used to create these strips were picked because they are hypoallergenic and are approved by dermatologists. Organic materials are used in making the adhesive backing. These corrective strips are also medical grade and latex-free which makes customers feel safe using them, according to Optics reviews.

Where can I buy Optics?

Optics can only be purchased through the website at optics-eye.com

Eighty strips are in each package and each can only be used once. You will also need to pick the right size for your eyes. There is more in the box when you order and customers love the little extras in the boxes, according to Optics reviews. There are a few practice strips and a pair of tweezers included.

The Variety Pack has 20 of the two smaller size strips and 10 of each of the four larger size strips.

Optics pros and cons

There are pros and cons to every eyelid tape and Optics has its advantages and disadvantages. Customers giving Optics reviews say the advantages outpace the disadvantages.


  • Optics strips are transparent so they aren’t noticeable.
  • They can be applied in minutes.
  • You can wear makeup over Optics strips.
  • The Optics strips will last all day without falling off.
  • Optics strips are hypoallergenic so anyone can use them.
  • Optics strips are cheaper than corrective surgery.


  • Optics needs to be applied whenever you want your eyes to look younger.
  • It may take some practice to learn how to place Optics strips.
  • Strips can only be used once, so you will need to continue to buy them.
  • Optics strips can’t be used underneath the eyes and can only be used on the eyelid.

Final Verdict

Those who need a little lift around their eyes and are looking for an alternative to surgery would do well to check out Optics.

Optics reviews demonstrate it’s an eyelid lifter that works safely for both men and women. It has the support of dermatologists so it’s an eyelid lifter worth investing in for your appearance and confidence.

These eyelid lifters are available only from the Official Optics website.