The aging eye: how to get rid of hooded and tired eyelids?

Products to help you get rid of tired eyes

Hi!! It's Anna here!

I'm gonna get really vulnerable with you in this post. For a long time, I struggled with being super insecure about my hooded eyelids. Not only was it hard to see unless I opened my eyes wide, but they made me look sleepy all the time, and it was difficult to wear eye makeup.

I started frantically searching for related products or surgery on the Internet. Finally I came across OPTICS (the eyelid tape brand) which saved my aging eyes.

After applying them I am completely shocked!! They take a minute to get placed correctly but I only used 3 to get it right. They are completely transparent, you don’t feel them or see them at all. Unless you mess up one of the edges while applying... you can kinda see a tiny white mark, but when your eye is open, even looking down, that mark is hidden in the fold. So that doesn't bother me personally. My husband was totally shocked at the difference when I did the side by side. He said he never noticed that my hooded eyes were as hooded as they are.

But seriously! I never thought I could have an eyelid like this without surgery!  


How to use it:

A small piece of tape is applied to the upper eyelid, and you will use an instrument shaped like a stick that comes with the tape to push your eyelid up to create a fold. You will want to keep pushing for about a minute to make sure a part of your eyelid is securely stuck to the tape. These pieces of tape are shaped like a crescent. You can put on makeup as usual afterward. The tape can be cleaned off with a makeup remover.

If you, like me, aren't ready to consider surgical methods for creating a youthful eyelid, OPTICS will allow you to transform your looks temporarily.